Welcome to BoomFlow

BoomFlow contains two kinds of smart contracts: CRC-L and Boomflow. CRC-L stands for CRC Lock, it is used to lock user assets and only the authorized user or contract could change the user assets. Now, each asset has a separate CRC-L contract. Boomflow contract is responsible for trade settlement and authorized to change user assets in CRC-L contracts. Now, these contracts are not open sourced yet, and only the Matchflow has authority to access these contracts.

Javascript SDK

There are two Javascript SDKs available on npm for frontend and backend respectively. Each SDK enables whitelisted users to call functions in smart contracts directly or interact with Conflux DEX REST APIs to place/cancel orders.

  • boomflow: SDK for backend development. Usually, it uses private key or keyfile to sign messages.
  • boomflow frontend: SDK for frontend development. Usually, it uses Conflux Portal to sign messages.