Welcome to MatchFlow

MatchFlow provides REST API and WebSocket API to place/cancel orders or query market data. Now, MatchFlow have two environments main net and test net, which are used for real trading and simulated trading respectively.


REST API https://api.matchflow.io https://dev.matchflow.io Document
WebSocket API wss://api.matchflow.io/ws wss://dev.matchflow.io/ws Document

Note, only whitelisted users could access the APIs of main net.

Change Logs


  • Add new REST API: get incompleted orders.
  • System Optimization: WebSocket, on-chain settlement.
  • Fix bug in FC smart contract.
  • Auto-pause mechansim in case of on-chain settlement exception.


  • Server migrate to Tokyo region.
  • System optimization.


  • New features
    • Transfer in Conflux DEX
  • REST API changes
    • New added
      • Transfer
      • List transfer records
    • Updated
      • Place order: add fee related fields


  • New features
    • Daily limit
  • REST API changes
    • New added
      • Get daily limit of product
      • Get daily limit rate of product
      • Get last closing price of product
    • Updated
      • Currency: add ERC777 contract address


  • New features
    • Instant exchange
  • REST API changes
    • New added
      • Get Boomflow address
    • Updated
      • Withdraw: add timestamp field
      • Place order: add timestamp field
      • Cancel order: add timestamp field
      • Cancel order by client order ID: add timestamp field
      • Get user: nonce removed
    • Removed
      • Batch cancel orders
      • User login/logout