Unlike the centralized exchange, Conflux DEX do not require user to register an account via REST API in MatchFlow. Because, Conflux DEX is a decentralized exchange and user assets are all locked in smart contracts on Conflux chain. User need to interact with CRC-L contract for user registration in Conflux DEX.

Add User

When user deposit assets into CRC-L contracts, MatchFlow listens and polls the deposit event data once the deposit transaction executed and confirmed on Conflux chain. After that, MatchFlow will add or update the account balance in off-chain ledger (database). Generally, the transaction confirmation time on Conflux chain is no more than one minute, so user will be able to place orders after one minute of deposit.


The recommended way to deposit assets is using boomflow frontend SDK, and the available asset list could be retrieved from MatchFlow REST API getCurrencies. Each asset has two contract addresses:

  • contractAddress: asset CRC-L contract address, which is used for DEX only.
  • tokenAddress: asset ERC777 token contract address, which is used for any dapps.

With boomflow frontend SDK, user assets could be easily depsoited from ERC777 contract to CRC-L contract.